Chemical Research Scientist

Cellulose Processing and Chemistry

Job Overview

Worn Again Technologies are developing an innovative, solvent based chemical recycling process for polyester and cotton textiles, with the backing of one of the world’s best-known fashion retailers and a major global engineering firm.

We are seeking to appoint a research scientist with experience in cellulose processing and chemistry.

The role will require the candidate to work alongside a growing and dynamic research team of chemists and chemical engineers to upscale and commercialise a cotton (cellulose) and polyester recycling process all the way from the bench to pilot scale. More specifically, the role will involve conducting independent laboratory research to optimise and scale-up the cellulose part of the process, alongside two other experienced scientists.

The position is full time and is based in Nottingham, UK. Salary commensurate with experience.


Reports To

Chief Scientific Officer


Person Specification


The candidate must have skills or expertise in one or preferably more of the following areas:

  • Cellulose/ Pulp Chemistry and Processing
  • Regeneration of Cellulose Solutions
  • Dissolution of Cellulose
  • Gelation of Cellulose
  • Rheology of Cellulose Solutions

Experience with other biopolymers or polymers may also be considered. The candidate will have worked on an independent research topic involving one of more of these areas, preferably at a doctoral (PhD) level and will have hands on practical laboratory experience.


  • Hands on experience in one or more polymer analytical skills such as: DSC, TGA, GPC/SEC, DLS, etc.
  • Experience with Ionic Liquids

Personal Characteristics

The candidate should enjoy and be prepared to work within a dynamic, international team. A flexible, creative and collaborative approach to problem solving would be highly beneficial. The ability to independently plan, execute and organise one’s own experimental research project and work to specified deadlines will be necessary.


Responsibilities and Duties

  • Conducting laboratory, chemical-based research and development
  • Working to a specified project plan with responsibility for certain work package tasks and their deadlines
  • Reporting and communicating results orally and in written reports to colleagues and senior management


PhD in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering or similar subject

Start Date

Early 2019


Please contact Dr. Ashley Holding ( attaching a cover letter and CV to apply, or for informal enquiries. Please use the keyword WA-CELLULOSE-JOB in the subject line.

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