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The Fibersort is now in production

It’s Real! The Fibersort is now in production https://www.circle-economy.com/its-real-the-fibersort-is-now-in-production/#.WowT4P_MjUJ.twitter … via @circleeconomy

13:26 – 20 Feb 2018

Polymer Scientist

About Us NewsWorn Again is developing an innovative, solvent based chemical recycling process for polyester and cotton textiles and PET plastic packaging, with the backing of one of the world’s best known fashion retailers and a major global engineering firm. Worn...

Fashion Tech Lab

About Us NewsParis, October 2nd - Worn Again were 1 of 6 new sustainable technologies showcased at the Fashion Tech Lab launch. The event was hosted by Miroslava Duma and Stella McCartney at the Google Arts & Culture lab during Paris Fashion Week. Click the photo...

Reclaim Infinity

A waste-free, circular resource world is within reach