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Operations Director



Worn Again Technologies has developed an innovative, solvent based chemical recycling process for plastics and textiles, with the backing of one of the world’s best-known fashion retailers and a major global engineering firm.

We are currently engaged in the scale up of this process from current Technology Readiness Level (5/6) and are seeking to make a Senior level Chief Engineering appointment of a candidate with at least 20 years’ experience who will be responsible for driving the industrialization phase of developments, from demonstration plant to first industrial plants.


Job Description

The role will require the candidate to work alongside a growing and dynamic research team of chemists, chemical engineers and technicians to develop and oversee the construction, commissioning and operation of a 1ktpa demonstrator plant for producing PET resin and cellulose pulp from non-rewearable textiles and PET bottles and packaging; to liaise and manage procurement with key technology, equipment and chemicals providers; to identify and specify feedstock conversion equipment/process; to liaise with our engineering partner and support on development of the basic engineering package; to manage the progression from demo to industrial scale plant and a licensable technology. The role will also require procurement and P&L responsibilities.


Skills and Experience

The successful candidate is likely to be from the following backgrounds in industry:

  • Possible current or previous EPC senior manager/engineer;
  • Current or previous large engineering company senior manager/engineer (DSM, BASF, Shell, engineering divisions of large polymer companies, etc.);
  • Director/manager or CEO having taken a process from pilot to industrial scale.
  • Market knowledge of virgin PET production and recycling industries a bonus. 

Additional experience required in:  

  • Demo plant development and management
  • Engineering process design, development and scale up
  • Demo plant development/plant commissioning
  • Licensing package detailing and provision
  • Solvent/chemicals supply and procurement
  • Project management and relationship management
  • Commercial/negotiating/procurement
  • Leadership

Roles and responsibilities

  • Project management & leadership
  • Accelerating the technology to market
  • Leading on design and development of demo plant and subsequent scaled process
  • Co-ordinating industrial trials/technology suppliers
  • Liaising with Feedstock Director on pre-processing system and integration into main process
  • Building technology licensing package
  • Technology license commercialisation
  • Solvent/chemicals procurement and negotiations


  • Chemical/process engineering degree
  • PhD preferred
  • Eligible to work in the EU

Start date

The position is full time and is based in the UK and The Netherlands, with some wider travel expected. The expected start date is 15th April 2019 and salary will be commensurate with the senior nature of the post. The deadline for applications is 15th March. 


Please send cv’s and letters of interest to:

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