Dr. Ioannis Anastasopoulos

Ioannis gained his bachelor’s in chemistry at the University of Patras in Greece, working on the synthesis of novel photoluminescent polymers, and received his master in Polymer Science and Technology working on the controlled drug release from different polymer matrices using advanced spectroscopic techniques in 2011. In 2015 he completed his PhD in preparation of advanced polymer membranes using carbon nanotubes at the department of Chemical Engineering of the University of Patras in collaboration with FORTH/ICEHT. Having fulfilled his studies, Ioannis moved to Dublin to continue his research where he received a diploma in Project Management from Dublin Business School.

Dr Ioannis Anastasopoulos is a Polymer Chemist with over 10 years’ experience in polymer science and additive technology. As a Polymer Scientist at Worn Again Technologies, he has been working on the development of a chemical recycling process for PET and Polycotton. So far, his role has focused on the development of a process for the removal of dyes and additives from PET sources and the recovery of PET from textile blends.

Ioannis has worked in polymer related industrial projects as a research fellow at FORTH/ICEHT and at Trinity College Dublin gaining experience in nanotechnology, in advanced spectroscopic and microscopic techniques and root cause analysis of industrial polymer products. He worked further as a Polymer Chemist in an additive manufacturing company in Coventry working on synthesis of liquid polymer formulations and the study of antimicrobial additives in polymer matrices.

A waste-free, circular resource world is within reach.