Dr. Joshua Reid

Joshua studied a Master of Chemistry in Chemistry, Resources and the Environment at the University of York, subsequently undertaking an industrial placement PhD program between the University of York and TWI Ltd., Cambridge. His PhD research focused on the fundamental chemistry governing the properties of ionic liquid systems as solvents.

Joshua’s research interests broadly cover Green Chemistry, Physical Chemistry and Polymer Recycling. He brings a wide range of experience as a chemist from multiple collaborations and secondments to international research laboratories. Whilst at TWI Ltd., he worked on various projects on solvent based recycling, from proof of concept to pilot-plant scale. At Worn Again, he provides valuable knowledge on the thermodynamics and solvent properties of ionic liquid system, as well as capabilities with analytical techniques such as calorimetry and spectroscopy. He remains an active scientific disseminator, having published many peer-reviewed scientific articles and attended multiple conferences.

A waste-free, circular resource world is within reach.