Faith Robinson

Faith is the co-founder of CogDis: an intuitive studio aligning internal purpose with external output. She is a creative strategist and consultant focused on fashion and sustainability engagement. At 28, she produces projects globally and has written + researched with leading startups, academics, brands and non-profits from art, fashion, tech, science, media and beyond. Faith is a holistic systems-thinker and her work explores the intersection of culture, retail and responsibility via public-private sector collaboration. Previously, she managed the editorial program for Copenhagen Fashion Summit, the global north’s leading industry event on fashion + sustainability.

Faith regularly joins panel discussions and guest lectures at fashion and design schools around the world. She has a First Class Honours degree in Art History, is a scholar of Degrowth + Political Ecology and is based in Copenhagen via London. Profiles on Faith’s work, including @post_growth and @entrylevelactivist, have been featured on Refinery29, Lecture In Progress and ELLE Magazine.

Q&A with CAP member: Faith Robinson

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