A world where resources are kept in constant circulation, driving economic, social and environmental benefits.

Worn Again Technologies was born from a vision to eradicate textile waste and a world where resources are kept in constant circulation. Our advanced recycling technology that recaptures raw materials from non-reusable products (textiles, PET bottles and packaging) is being brought to life by an expert team and strategic partners who have a shared ambition of creating a circular world.

It’s our Mission to replace the use of virgin resources by recapturing raw materials from non-reusable products.

We exist to propel the shift to a circular economy.


Mountains of textiles and plastics are still ending up in landfill and incineration every year around the world. Current textile recycling methods turn less than 1% of non-reusable materials back into new textiles, whilst the demand for resources continues to grow. Plastics use is also increasing and current recycling methods are unable to meet market demand for high quality materials.



We are focussed on solving the challenging issue of converting polyester and polycotton blended textiles, and PET plastic, at their end of use, back into circular raw materials. Our advanced recycling technology is able to separate, decontaminate and extract polyester and cellulose (from cotton) from non-reusable textiles and polyester bottles and packaging to produce dual PET and cellulose outputs, therefore putting sustainable resources back into production supply chains.




Worn Again Technologies’ regenerative technology is the missing link that enables the circularity of PET and cellulosic raw materials, replacing the use of virgin resources. The process allows these materials to go back into manufacturing, moving away from linear supply chain to a circular system, whilst providing long-term sustainable resource security.

By keeping the world’s resources in constant circulation, we can drive economic, social and environmental benefits. Our ambition is to scale and license our technology to global plant operators as quickly as possible with the help of strategic partners and an expert team, accelerating us all towards a circular world.



Together with our circle of collaborators and strategic partners we can move towards a circular licensing business model providing long term resource security and price stability for virgin-equivalent raw materials.

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Worn Again Technologies is currently enlisting strategic partners, local, national and global investors who want to be part of the rapid expansion plan after the demonstration plant expected in 2021.

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A waste-free, circular resource world is within reach

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