Demo plant

Showcasing circular textiles at industrial scale

Open for business

We’re excited to announce the development of our state-of-the-art textile recycling facility in Winterthur, Switzerland, situated near one of our renowned technical partners, Sulzer Chemtech. With the capability to prevent the annual incineration of 1000 tons of textiles, this groundbreaking facility will pave the way for large-scale operations. 

Worn Again, in collaboration with its strategic partners, has developed a closed-loop chemical recycling technology that promises to revolutionize conventional recycling methods. The industrial-scale infrastructure will play a vital role in validating this solution, taking us one step closer towards a sustainable future.

This industrial demonstration plant will be online from 2024 as a platform for operators and value chain partners to experience the future of polycotton recycling.

Industrial park for textile innovation

The demo plant will be located in the industrial park of textiles machinery heavyweight Rieter. Located in the Töss district of Winterthur, Switzerland, the park has all required industrial-grade utilities, services and immediate access to the Swiss and European motorway system. Switzerland is the perfect place to quickly implement our demonstration plant, validating our technology at industrial scale, with convenient access to value chain stakeholders. The plant is co-developed with Sulzer Chemtech who are headquartered in Winterthur.

Generous space for cutting-edge technology

Glimpse into the future. We introduce the hall of our upcoming demo plant, where our technical team is already laying the foundation for advancements that will shape industries and transform lives for years to come. Our services include a laboratory for quality optimisation, chemical stores, textiles and circular product stores.

Multimodal logistics

Receiving and dispatching process is ready to be done with efficiency and ease. The logistics area includes container loading (pictured), plus van & flatbed capabilities. Worn Again can therefore handle most industry standard shipping methods according to our client’s requirement.

Reclaim infinity

A waste-free, circular resource world is within reach!

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