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Q&A with CAP Member: Faith LeGendre

Jan 13, 2021

Briefly describe your background, interests & areas of expertise:

Wide range interest and experience thinker. Ability to keep track of ever-changing interconnecting parts for the benefit of people, planet, and prosperity for all. Accomplished Strategist with 15+ years of experience with 200+ organizations worldwide via innovative and pioneering business approaches that drive results. Drove successful Circular Economy initiatives within Consumer-Packaged Goods, Fashion, and other industries. Authored vastly-downloaded (over 250), Circular Economy publication. Highly sought-after knowledge speaker with Industry Speaking Engagements globally. Exceptional ability to build/manage key partnerships.


What does circularity in the textiles industry mean to you?

Designing textiles for circularity from the get go. Taking back after the manufacturer or customer no longer has a need and keeping those valuable resources in use in the interconnected loops.


What does your company/organisation do to bring about circularity (core relevant activities/commitments, highlight short and long term goals, if relevant).

N/A freelance consultant


What made your decision to join the CAP?

I was very impressed with Cyndi’s presentation at Launch.org back in 2018. This is the tech, plan, and scale that’s needed to create real change within the textile industry.


How important is this Circular Advisory Panel approach for preparing a company like WA for the market (i.e., a business starting out with the sole purpose of enabling circularity but entering the market in ‘linear times’)? What do you think it will bring to the company?

I feel the CAP will bring years of experience, diverse expertise, different ways to look at the problems, a valuable expanded network, and real hands-on strategy work that nets results for WA.


What do you believe the biggest hurdles/opportunities for transitioning to a new circular business mindset will be, for WA, for the industry?

Engaging the manufacturers and customers in an easy way to give back the textiles and creating lines that will utilize the circular textiles 100%.


Name 3 things you think businesses will be doing differently in a circular future.

Designing for circularity, finding unlikely partners in unlikely places to interconnect the loops.


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