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World Circular Textiles Day launch on 8th October

Oct 27, 2020

World Circular Textiles Day, which takes place every year on 8th October, has been launched to celebrate the efforts of a growing community of companies, organisations and individuals actively working towards a circular textile’s future.

This platform has been designed and powered by Worn Again Technologies in collaboration with Circle Economy and UAL – Centre of Circular Design.

We aim for it to become a living, breathing online time capsule to celebrate and encourage this momentum towards circularity and to record the progress.

The co-founders Cyndi Rhoades, Founder of Worn Again Technologies, Dr. Kate Goldsworthy and Professor Rebecca Earley, Co-Directors at Centre for Circular Design (CCD), University of the Arts London (UAL) and Gwen Cunningham, Lead Textiles Programme at Circle Economy, have imagined a future when full circularity has been achieved… a time when there is dignity, equity and equality. A time when our shared textiles resources, in the form of products and raw materials, are kept in continual circulation. Virgin resources are no longer needed.

By working backwards, or ‘retro engineering’ the stepping-stones for getting there, we believe that the roadmap to get there becomes more manageable and we will succeed in our collective goals.

A vision from 2050… 

“Today we celebrate the success of an entirely transformed industry and those who have made it happen. A global ambition that was set out thirty years ago across an ecosystem of interconnected stakeholders has been achieved: the circularity of textiles resources.”

Full Circularity: a 2050 Retrospective released during the launch event is a provocation mapping out three phases to full circularity. A starting point which needs the support and engagement of key players – leading brands, organisations, authorities and individuals – to achieve the goal.

Many of the pioneers of the industry – organisations, brands, local authorities – have already signed up at the launch to making circularity a reality.

The co-founders invite anyone who is impassioned and excited by our vision for Full Circularity: 2050 to join the community.

The countdown to 2050 has started!

If you want to get involved, click here

Enjoy listening the co-founders with their crystal balls in conversation with special guests at the launch event, click here

For more info, visit WCTD website www.worldcirculartextilesday.com


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